15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (2023)

K-dramas come in a variety of genres andhistorical k-dramasprovide western audiences with stories set in the unknown and exciting times of South Korea. Historical dramas have always been popular, but they are on the decline.pride and prejudiceFor1883,European and American history was fully explored on screen. So has South Korea's past, but only in recent years have historical K-dramas set during the Choson Dynasty or the subsequent Three Kingdoms period of the early 10th century begun to captivate American viewers in droves. . Historical K-Drama stories can include throne plots, political turmoil, and maybe even love and comedy.

The historical K-drama is as gripping as any modern story. Thanks toStreaming sites that are Netflixand Rakuten Viki, the best historical K-drama, can be easily watched by viewers all over the world. of the world of hitssquid gamefor an exciting adaptationMoney Heist: Korea – Common Economic Space, K-Dramas provided viewers with a diverse mode of entertainment and allowed them to enjoy storytelling not normally seen on popular shows in the US and UK. These include historical K-Dramas with rich Korean culture and traditions. These are the best historical K-dramas, from worst to best.

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15 Hwarang: The Poet and Warrior Youth (2016) - Stream no Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (1)

The 2016 historical K-drama is a coming-of-age romance centered on an elite group of young people. The Korean historical drama takes place during the Silla Kingdom era between 57 B.C. C. and 57 a. C. and 935 AD.

but insidekorean historical drama, is coming of age and is waiting with other citizens for her to resign, but there are problems in between. The Queen worries about the powerful nobles who once tried to seize the throne. She has a plan to form an elite group of warriors called the Hwarang. They will overcome existing power factions and protect the throne. The young people do not know that their future king is among them. While not the best historical K-drama, it maintained decent ratings for its 10 parts but didn't win any awards.

14 Mister. Queen (2020) - Watch on Netflix

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (2)

mr queenis a controversial and comedic historical K-drama that will make everyone laugh with its comedic acting and dialogue. the 2020time travel k-dramacombines the present and the past into one. An aspiring chef has an accident and wakes up at a different time. She wakes up not only in the Joseon era, but also as a woman, and not just any woman, but the queen.

The current king inmr queenHe is a kind and calm person, but he actually has a dark and secret side that the Queen is beginning to discover. Although there is corruption in the kingdom, the modern life of the queen and that of the Joseon era merge together. This makes for awkward and awkward encounters.mr queenwas nominated for two awards, won none, but who caresmr queenFar from the best of historical K-drama is its controversial handling of the genre.

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13 Queen for Seven Days (2017) - View on Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (3)

Queen for seven daysis a historical K-drama that is actually based on a true story, and thatK-drama doesn't have a happy ending. In the legendary love story, Lady Shin Chae-kyung (Park Min-young), the daughter of a powerful Joseon Dynasty politician, falls in love with Prince Lee Yuk (Woo-jin Yeon), who lives under an iron fist. of his half. . -brother King Yeon San Gun (Dong-geon Lee). The two marry and the prince ascends the throne, making Shin queen.

However, problems arise between different political entities and infighting within the family, resulting in Shin's dethronement after only seven days. While not the best historical K-drama,Queen for seven daysbills itself as a sort of historical biopic, detailing a truly sordid affair in the history of the Joseon dynasty. The landmark K-drama was nominated for four awards at the 31st KBS Drama Awards, winning one for actor Lee Dong-gun.

12 The Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung (2019) - Streaming on Netflix

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (4)

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryungis optimalK-dramas for beginnersand premiered on Netflix in 2019. The landmark K-drama stars K-pop idol Cha Eun-woo as Prince Dowon Yi-rim. Although the drama can be described as romance and comedy, there are plenty of historical facts to unravel. Two story arcs take place in the show, although it is not a time-travelling K-drama. It's not the best historical K-drama, but it did pretty well during awards season.

One timeline takes place in "today" in the early 19th century in Joseon. The other twenty years ago. Cartoons and jokes are treated more lightly. The other is a series of flashbacks showing the unjust state and the oppression of the citizens. Tangled is also a love story between a free-spirited woman hoping to become a historian and a prince secretly working as a novelist.Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryungnot just functionsa K-pop idol in K-dramabut it was also nominated for eight awards at the MBC Drama Awards, winning four, including one for Best Couple.


11 Imperatriz Ki (2013) - Stream no Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (5)

kaiserín kiis a historical K-drama that was a hit both domestically and internationally for its impressive performances and captivating story. The landmark K-drama chronicles the journey of a Korean-born woman who becomes a powerful empress of China amid love, war, and politics. Gi Seungnyang (or Ki Seung Nyang) rises to power despite the limitations of the class system at the time. While not the best historical K-drama, it stands out as a female-led historical K-drama.

She comes to marry the Emperor of the Mongol Empire to become Empress. Between them, however, there are still feelings for her first love. Audiences are captivated by the display of the Emperor's deep love and the Empress' enthusiasm for action and ambition.K-drama starring womenkaiserín kiit has decent award stats and nominations at MBC Drama Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards, and Korea Drama Awards.kaiserín kiHe was lucky and got a total of seven awards.

10 10. Jewel in the Palace (2003) - Stream no Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (6)

Those struggling to understand why K-Drama has gained so much momentum in the West should check out Historical K-Drama.jewel in the palace, one of the first K-Dramas to make a name for itself on the world stage. Set during the Choson Dynasty, Jewel in the Palace is based on the true story of a woman named Jang-Geum who manages to become the first royal doctor in all of Korea.

The show focuses on Jang-Geum's struggles as a woman in a male-dominated society.another K-drama starring women. The relevant story of the historical K-drama, as well as its phenomenal actors, helped attract viewers from all over the world. While not the best historical K-drama, it does have cultural significance thanks to its impact on tourism in South Korea. The series also received a spin-off, a play, and a sequel.

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9 Deep Rooted Tree (2011) – Stream on Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (7)

deep rooted treefirst rose to fame as Lee Jung-Myung's historical novel of the same name. For fans who want a little more excitement in their dramas, this is a good option. The historical K-drama story revolves around a royal guard investigating the serial murders of Jiphyeonjeon scholars.El thriller K-dramahe has tendencies towards romance, but he is not the main character.

Ddol-bok (Jang Hyuk) was once a young slave of the king. The king orders the death of his in-laws and slaves to save them from his father. But the young slaves survive. Years later, now in the Royal Guard, Ddol-bak wants revenge, but ends up involved in the mysterious murders. As mysteries are uncovered, the creation of the Korean alphabet can make or break power.deep rooted treeis critically acclaimed and awarded in 2011 and 2012, winning 11 awards. While it's not the best historical K-drama, it's one of the most critically acclaimed.

8 The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017) - broadcast on Kocowa

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (8)

the historical dramaThe Emperor: Owner of the MaskIt's technically not the best historical K-drama, but it does have solid elements of political intrigue. In the series, Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-ho ofor romantic K-drama I am not a robot) is in conflict with the wealthy and controlling organization Pyunsoo hwe, whose far-reaching reach has drained the water from the population.

As Lee Sun battles the organization, she soon discovers the enormous undertaking that lies ahead. However, Lee Sun becomes a symbol of hope in the expanding Joseon Dynasty, all with the support of his lover Han Ge-eun (Kim So-hyun).The Emperor: Owner of the Maskit is critically acclaimed and performed well in the 2018 awards season, winning a whopping 11 awards.

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7 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016) – Retransmitir en Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (9)

This historical K-drama is for fans who want to mix a bit of fantasy and time travel with their historical romance. The show had a good average, which means it's not the best historical K-drama, but it has been extremely successful overseas, partly because of that.The public is familiar with it as it is a remake of K-Drama.a chinese show In this body-swapping K-drama, a 25-year-old woman is transported to the year 941 and meets the prince of the Wang family.

The Korean historical drama wouldn't be complete without its love triangle, a good boy and a bad boy. The woman falls in love with one of the kind princes, but she is also seduced by another who hides her face behind a mask. Between love, she finds herself caught between the dangerous politics of the palace and the rivalry for the throne.moon loversearned its highest honors at the SBS Drama Awards, receiving 12 nominations and winning seven. In all, the series has 11 awards to its name.

6 Rebel: The Thief Who Robbed People (2017) – Stream on Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (10)

The historical K-dramaRebel: Thief who robbed the people.takes place during the reign of the tenth king of the Joseon dynasty. Many who watch the Korean historical drama will find it to be closely related to anotherfamous fairy tale, Robin Hood. The son of a serf has no nobility in society and has little room to do anything for himself, but he proves his worth by stealing from the rich to pay back the poor.

Hong Gil-dong (Yoon Kyun-sang) decides to become the leader of a group of thieves. They steal and return to the poor while the tyrannical King Yeonsangun (Kim Ji-Seok) oppresses his people. This drama also has a love story, as the king's consort cannot forget her first love, who turns out to be Gil-dong, leading to a tangible romance. While not the best historical K-drama on this list,rebelit received critical acclaim and won 11 drama awards.

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5 Mister Sunshine (2018) - Ver and Netflix

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (11)

mr Sunis a favorite among K-drama fans for its melodrama,K-drama powerless love triangle, and his convincing use of historical facts. Fans applauded the show for its accurate portrayal of historical events and time. Unlike other historical K-dramas, this one is set before the Japanese annexation of Korea in the late 19th century. during your careermr Sunwas the third highest-grossing drama in Korean cable television history

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun) was once a slave, but escaped to the United States and became an officer in the Marine Corps. He returns to Joseon on a mission, but soon falls in love with the granddaughter of an aristocrat. She is not an ordinary aristocrat as she hides her identity as part of the righteous army. In the process, she uncovers a conspiracy to colonize Korea and a fight for sovereignty. While not the best historical K-drama,mr Sunreceived awards from the Korea Drama Awards, Asia Artist Awards, and Seoul Awards.

4 Six Flying Dragons (2015) - Watch streaming on Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (12)

The historical K-drama of 2015 andmedieval TV show, Six Flying Dragonsis considered a loose prequel to the 2011 drama,deep rooted tree. This is due to the plot, which focuses on real fictional characters and their foundations in the rise of the Joseon Dynasty. Besides,six flying kitesit surpassed its predecessor in terms of critical acclaim.

The Korean historical drama focuses a bit more on the character Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-In), a prince and future king who helped his father found the dynasty. The drama features everything from the rise and fall of characters, exciting action sequences, drama, and exciting political conflicts. It may not be the best historical K-drama, but it's close.six flying kitesdominated the 23rd SBS Drama Awards, being nominated for 18 and winning 10. The series continued to receive nominations until 2018, winning a total of 16 awards.

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3 Love by Moonlight (2016) - Stream no Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (13)

not historicalK-drama show full of jealous characters,love in the moonlight, A scholar named Hong Ra-On gives dating advice to men by posing as a eunuch. Eventually, he meets the Crown Prince, who soon becomes involved with her. The Korean historical drama is based on a popular novel calledthe moonlight drawn by the clouds,and features popular K-drama actors Park Bo-Gu and Kim Yoo-Jung.

From its envious K-drama characters to its captivating and romantic story,love in the moonlightis a fun K-drama for anyone who wants to get acquainted with Korean history. not only that, butlove in the moonlightscored with audiences and critics alike. The show won Best Drama Series at the 22nd Asian Television Awards, and its influence and popularity in the press coined the phrase "Moonlight Syndrome." This is another reason why the series is so close to being the best historical K-drama.

2 The Moon Embraces the Sun (2012) - Watch Stream on Rakuten Viki

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (14)

The historical K-dramathe moon embraces the sunit's a K-drama full of romanceand is set during the Joseon dynasty, the longest-running imperial dynasty in Korea. The show is about a love triangle between a right-born prince, his half-brother from an abandoned concubine, and a shaman.the moon embraces the sunit leans heavily on the romance aspect, but there's enough historical accuracy to make it close enough to the best historical K-drama.

Compared to other historical K-dramasthe moon embraces the sundoes an excellent job of ensuring that the costumes, setting, and even cinematography truly reflect the time in which they find themselves. The story also flowed seamlessly and he didn't let the viewers get bored and tired of his storytelling.the moon embraces the sunit was the talk of the 2012 awards season, winning a total of 22 awards. There was also a musical adaptation of the series.

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1 Queen Seondeok (2009) - broadcast on Kocowa

15 Best Historical K-Dramas, Ranked (15)

although it is nota new k-drama,Queen SeondeokIt still stands out as one of the highest rated historical K-dramas and is definitely the best historical K-drama. The drama is filled with political unrest and turmoil that keeps fans on their toes. The female-led Korean historical drama follows Princess Deokman (Lee Yo-won) who, as a child, is estranged from her for her safety from her royal concubine, who is hungry for power and desires to become in queen.

While being raised by a loyal servant, she discovers her true identity. Not only is she trying to reclaim her rightful place on the throne and overthrow the concubine, but she is also demanding justice for her twin sister. The drama takes viewers through her journey as a queen and her struggles behind closed doors. Although she is olderK-Drama with more than one season, still stands out for critical acclaim alone, having won a total of 30 awards in its 62 episodes.


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