16 Fall Theater Productions in Boston and Beyond (2023)

As the Earth rotates on its own axis, the seasons change across much of the world. In autumn, temperatures drop, the sun sets earlier and the foliage changes color as we move into winter. This fall, many theaters are offering plays that explore the physical and non-physical movement of Step Africa! percussive dance with "drumfolk" to August Wilson's Joe Turner's "Come and Gone", which focuses on impermanence and identity, and "The Thin Place", which delves into the space between the living and the dead. Below are 16 offerings, many exploring movement and change in the mind and body.

'Fourth Round Heroes'
SpeakEasy Scenario

Until October 8th

In 2017, white nationalists demonstrated on the streets of Charlottesville opposing the removal of a Confederate statue, where they were met by counter-demonstrators. The day ended with several injuries and the death of a protester. In Will Arbery's Heroes of the Fourth Turning, in which a group of friends discover more differences between them than they thought, the action takes place a week after the Wyoming incident. In a backyard, four right-wing friends celebrate a mentor who will soon run an ultraconservative Catholic university. But the group discovers over the course of the night that they are ideologically and otherwise misaligned, leading to an unexpected blowout. The nearly two-hour production is a winner of the 2020 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Work and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The show is directed by Marianna Basham, who recently starred in the captivating "as a drug-addicted actress trying to kick her habit.[Read the Heroes of the Fourth Turning review here..]

'Fables about Undine's Reeducation'
La Lyric Stage Company em Boston

September 16th to October 9th

Going back to parents' house after being alone is never the goal. But for Undine, who used to be in control, the only place she can go after her husband stole her money is back in Brooklyn. In this satirical tale of losing everything, Ondine, pregnant and broke, must learn to find what she needs within herself. Dawn Simmons, co-founder of Front Porch Art Collective, will direct work by Lynn Nottage ("Meet Vera Stark," "Sweat"). Nottage knows a thing or two about starting over. When she was 28, Nottage quit her job, took a leap of faith and dedicated her life to the artist. Nottage has since won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work and penned the book MJ: The Musical, which is now playing on Broadway.

'Tina: Das Tina-Turner-Musical'
Broadway e Boston

September 20th to October 2nd

When Tina Turner sings in her rock voice, "Who needs a heart when a heart can break," anyone who's been hurt can understand. The 12-time Grammy Award winner has had her share of ups and downs, many of which were dramatically chronicled in the 1993 film 'What's Love Got To Do With It?' But heartbreak, physical abuse and more haven't stopped him from pursuing music. In Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Katori Hall (starring Frank Ketelaar and Kees Prins) chronicles the Nutbush, Tennessee rock 'n' roll star's journey to stardom. Two actresses, Naomi Rodgers ("Frozen") and Zurin Villanueva ("The Lion King") will play Tina (four out of eight performances per week). R&B and gospel singer Ann Nesby also has a role to play. Presented by Broadway in Boston, the show will be directed by Phyllida Lloyd.

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'the fine point'
Gloucester Scenic Company

September 30th to October 23rd

Hilda, who is a firm believer in the afterlife, wants to connect with the spirit of her late grandmother. For this, he recruits Linda, a famous medium who manages to reach the narrow place where she can hear the voices of the dead. In Lucas Hnath's The Thin Place, directed by Dee Dee Batteast, the narrative delves into the spirit world and aims to transform the theater into a séance.

Art Emerson

October 5th to 16th

founded in 1994,Pass to Africa!has been sharing the art of walking with audiences around the world. His productions combine percussion dance styles popular among African American sororities and fraternities, music and storytelling. His work "Drumfolk" is "a percussive exploration of American history that emphasizes the rhythmic cycle of life that unites us all." It is inspired by the Stono Rebellion of 1739 that led to the creation of the Negro Act of 1740, in which enslaved Africans lost the right to assemble, grow food, earn money, write in English, and much more.

16 Fall Theater Productions in Boston and Beyond (3)

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'Come and Gone de Joe Turner'
El Huntington

October 14th to 11th November 13th

August Wilson's late award-winning work carefully examines the African-American experience from "Jitney" to "Fences" to "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom." In "Joe Turner's Come and Gone", set during the Great Migration, Herald Loomis appears at a boarding house run by Seth and Bertha Holly in Pittsburgh. Loomis searches for his lost wife, but learns much more about the makeshift family that lives in the house. Local artist Ekua Holmes provided artwork for the production. Lili-Anne Brown (The Kennedy Center's "Acoustic Rooster's Barnyard Boogie...") conducts this work, which marks the grand reopening of The Huntington's main stage.

'let the right in'
Shakespeare Project Actors | Boston University School of Theater

October 20th to November 6th

Teenager Oskar lives with his mother in a town that has recently been hit by murder. Troubled and alone, Oskar meets Eli, a girl who has moved in next door. For some reason, Eli never goes to school and spends most of his time at home. The two soon become close friends. Oskar doesn't realize that Eli is a girl for a long time. "Let the Right One In" is a coming-of-age vampire play adapted for the stage by Jack Thorne. The 2008 film adaptation of the same name, directed by Tomas Alfredson, is based on John Ajvide Lindqvist's 2004 novel. Christopher V. Edwards of ASP directs the play, a collaboration with the Boston University School of Drama.

SpeakEasy Scenario

October 21 to 21 November 19

Marjan, a teacher in Iran, prepares her students for the test of English as a foreign language. Part of that means your students can't speak any language other than English during classes. Marjan knows that passing the exam can change her students' lives, but a disruptor has other plans. At its core, English is about humanization,” said the play’s director, Melory Mirashrafi, in aInterviewwith SpeakEasy. "As an English speaker in the US, you're lucky enough to be understood almost all the time," explains Mirashrafi, a first-generation Iranian-American. “As a language student, this is not always true, and not being understood can be a barrier to your humanization. This work is an open door through that barrier.” Sanaz Toossi's work, in which Marjan aims to transform her students from learners of English to speakers, won the 2022 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Work.

'e Beckett'
Art Emerson

26.-30. October

The best-known works of Irish novelist and playwright Samuel Beckett are explored by actor and clown Bill Irwin in On Beckett. Taking a physical and comic approach, Irwin deepens his relationship with the Pulitzer Prize-winning work through several stories such as "Waiting for Godot", "Texts for Nothing" and "Watt". On the show, Tony Award winner Irwin invites audiences to experience "the writer's language" in new ways. This is Irwin's attempt to "share with the public the place these writings hold in me," he said in an interview with ArtsEmerson.

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'wild swimming'
Apollinaire Theater Company

Friday to Sunday, November to December

on aInterviewPlaywright Marek Horn shared that to excite him, theater is often "something funny and weird... the audience on a daring and almost unbelievable journey through time. Two friends, Oscar and Nell, meet on the same beach for centuries and educate each other about what has changed in the world and possibly in themselves. The play, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019, "is an interrogation of gender and privilege and a willfully ignorant history of English literature," read a statement. Emily Larson and Brooks Reeves co-direct this production at Chelsea Theater Works.

'Theater for One: We're Here (Nairobi-Ausgabe)'
ArtEmerson | Virtual

November 4th to 20th

Six micro-plays by playwrights from Kenya, the Middle East and the US will be performed virtually during ArtsEmerson's Theater for One: We Are Here (Nairobi edition). Conceived by New York artistic director Christine Jones, the works focus on “the connection between ancestry and civilization”. For approximately 20 minutes, a single virtual viewer and artist will experience the work together during the live digital event.

16 Fall Theater Productions in Boston and Beyond (6)

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Broadway e Boston | Teatro Colonial Emerson

November 9 December 31

In the musical "SIX" by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, the wives of Henry VIII, who have suffered through divorce, beheadings and more, take the mic to share their perspective on what's going on in their relationships. Filled with original music and featuring an all-star cast, the production was previously presented atAmerican Repertory Theatre em 2019.

'the chinese lady'
Central Plaza Theater

November 10 December 11

Some of the most incredible stories are true stories. In 1834, Afong Moy, a teenager from the Chinese province of Guangzhou, came to New York. Upon arrival, merchants put Moy on display. The meat traders and the captain of the ship that brought Afong Moy to America wanted to capitalize on the exoticism associated with China at the time, they say.LiteraryHub.com. They exposed Moy as "The Chinese Lady", with furniture to (initially) promote their wares. Moy has performed in front of crowds for years. The Chinese Lady, by playwright Lloyd Suh, illuminates Moy's story.

Moonbox production

December 2nd to 23rd

Arnold Beckoff, a Jewish drag queen from New York, just wants to be happy. A husband, a baby, and a pair of comfy slippers would be a good place to start. But when Arnold's mother arrives, her domineering ways drive him crazy, forcing him to add respect to his list of things he needs to be happy. Harvey Fierstein's "Torch Song", set in 1979, premiered in a second stage production and was televised at the Tony Kiser Theater on October 19, 2017BroadwayNext year. Elliot Norton Award nominee Peter Mill will play Arnold Beckoff and Norton winner Allison Olivia Choat will direct.

'the life of pi'
american repertory theater

December 4th to January 29th

A disaster at sea forces 16-year-old Pi, stranded in the middle of the ocean, to find a way to survive. But Pi is not alone; With him are four other survivors, a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan and a royal Bengal tiger. How will they cope? Winner of five Olivier Awards in 2022, Life of Pi is a stage adaptation of the novel by Yann Martel.

16 Fall Theater Productions in Boston and Beyond (8)

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'chicken and cookies'
Front Porch Arts Collective

9 dic.-ene. 8

Funerals can lead to awkward gatherings. In Douglas Lyon's comedy Chicken & Biscuits, the Jenkins family gathers to say goodbye to their patriarch. But family drama and secrets threaten the moment. Lyons, composer and actor, received his ticket for "Pirates!" of the Huntingtons. in 2009. Lyons' music and lyrics have been featured on BET Plus, CBS's Sunday Morning, Carnegie Hall's "Voices of Hope Festival" and more. "Chicken & Biscuits" made its Broadway debut at the Circle in the Square Theater in 2021, but the show's run has been suspended by COVID-19. The play will be staged at the Modern Theater at Suffolk University.


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