7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (2023)

Do you want to take amazing water photos on iPhone? Underwater photography can be extremely rewarding if you know what to do! In this article, you'll discover 7 tips for stunning underwater photos. You'll go home with the ability to take amazing pictures on the water, pictures to be proud of.

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1. Shoot the sea for eye-catching photos on the water

Do you want to create water photos that really draw the viewer in?

There's a simple trick you can use to create really eye-catching water photos...

To loadPhotos vom Meer.

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But why choose the sea? After all, there are so many potential subjects for underwater photography. What makes the sea so special?

The sea is good for many reasons.

First, the sea is constantly changing. It's always changing and that creates an endless stream of photo opportunities!

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For example, you can take pictures of the sea on a windless day. On calm days you can catch beautiful waterConsideration.

Or photograph the sea on a busy day and capture the force of waves and swirling sea foam.

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The sea also changes color because the sea reflects the color of the sky. Therefore, the sea looks different depending on the weather and time of day.

Blue skies create a deep blue sea. Gray skies create a more melancholy sea of ​​gray (as in the image below). Both colors can work, but they evoke different emotions.

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But there is another reason to photograph the sea…

It's important to people.

There is something fundamentally deep and relaxing about the sea. It's something that affects us all and makes marine photos extremely powerful.

If you want to create more attractive water photos, use the sea as a theme. You'll be amazed at the unique opportunities available to you!

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2. Add more than just water for beautiful compositions

You started well. But what else makes water photography awesome?

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Here's a question: should I include other elements besides water?

The answer is a resounding yes!"

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To get the best water photos, you need to add additional elements. It may seem contradictory, but it's true.

Because water photos are best when they capture more than just water.

That said, water photos need an element of interest that goes beyond the water itself.

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In practice, you need to add an additional element to your photo that complements the water.

For example, if you're shooting a seascape, you might want to include some land. Try to include cliffs in your photos, because cliffs work really well in images of the sea.

I made a point of including some cliffs in the photo below.

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Another thing that can get stuck could be a boat or a person swimming. But beware, you don't want them to dominate the scene. Be sure to keep the boat or person in frame.

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One trick is to place an object of interest in the foreground and water in the background. Let the interesting item draw attention to the scene.

For example, I sometimes add or subtract herbsFlorClose-ups when shooting beach scenes. They create depth and guide the eye through the photo.

Notice how I've included grasses in the foreground in the photo below.

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Therefore, it contains elements other than water.

If you do, your compositions will be awesome!

3. Includes a water reflection for amazing photos

What's another tip for amazing underwater photos?

Take pictures of a reflection in the water!

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Reflections are one of the most underused types of photography. You can create some really beautiful images and they aren't hard to do!

So how do you take great reflection shots?

First find some water. Lakes can be great for this as they tend to get very still. Even tide pools on beaches can work well, providing plenty of opportunity for reflection in the water!

You can also photograph wet sand on the beach. Wet sand works like a mirror. Check out how this reflects on hikers below!

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Once you've found a good reflector, think about what you want to appear in the reflection. Then adjust your angle to ensure that subject is included in your photo.

For example, if you want some clouds reflected in your photo, you can shoot from above. This allows you to capture reflections from the clouds above.

If you want to see the sunset reflected in the water, you can crouch down. This will ensure that the skyline is reflected in your photo.

Note the clouds on the horizon reflected in the wet sand below.

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Another tip: place your iPhone as close to the reflective surface as possible. This makes for the best reflections!

It's also important to note that stunning reflection photos require a lot of trial and error. Don't settle for a few reflex shots. It takes a lot and a lot. So choose the best later!

If you manage to capture good reflections, you can take really nice pictures. Use these tips to create your own amazing reflection photos.

4. Bad weather photography for water change photos

If you want to create atmospheric water photos thenTaking pictures in bad weather.

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By "moody" I mean dark, desaturated and dismal.

This type of shot can be powerful. Indeed, melancholy images have the potential to really shock the viewer.

And for the best atmospheric photos, take pictures in inclement weather.

photo aregenerate,Neve, ÖMist.

Bad weather adds a sense of urgency to your underwater photography!

And in extreme weather conditions, you might see rain hitting the surface of a lake or snow drifting between waves.

In fact, bad weather is great for all types of underwater photography. Rain and clouds add drama to photos. And the diffused, hazy light is extremely easy to handle. Eliminates shadows and creates more uniform tones.

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As seen in the photo above, fog can make for some particularly amazing underwater photography. Mist rising from the water makes for amazing photo opportunities!

Here's the bottom line: if you want beautiful, atmospheric photos, shoot in rain, snow, or fog. It will create a lot of atmosphere and you will have photos to be proud of.

5. Use leading lines for amazing water compositions

Composition refers to the arrangement of elements in a photo.

And do you want to know a great tip for composing photos with water?

To usemain lines!

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The guidelines guide the viewer's eyes through the scene. They start in the foreground and then move to the background.

And they are perfect for creating attractive and engaging compositions.

7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (19)

Can you see the main line in the photo above? It's the coast! Notice how you move your gaze over the photo.

Guides are particularly useful for composing underwater shots.

Why is this?

Because aquatic photos can include one of the best main lines of all time: rivers!

Rivers can easily draw the viewer's eye through the frame. Just be sure to position the river so that it flows from the foreground to the background.

7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (20)

For the photo above, I made sure the flow guided the viewer through the frame.

Pro Tip: Make sure the line draws attention to the subject of the photo, rather than circling aimlessly around the frame. Directionless guidelines create chaotic photos.

If you want the best compositions for water photography, you should use guides. Find a river and put it in the foreground and let it guide your eyes through the photo!

6. Take both portrait and landscape shots for meaningful water shots

Photographers often shoot in a specific orientation.

That said, photographers typically shoot with the camera in a vertical position (portrait orientation, as pictured above). Or they get used to shooting with the iPhone sideways (horizontal orientation, as in the photo below).

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But that's a problem. Because the best photos are often the result of a lot of experimentation and not always the same thing.

This is especially important for underwater photography. This is very important, especially when shooting seascapes.

Why is this?

When it comes to photographing the sea, you have two options. You can take a picture of the landscape, enhancing the wide panoramic view over the sea. I did this for the photo below.

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Or you can take a portrait photo, emphasizing the water or sky. This is exactly what I did for this photo:

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No approach is better than the other.

But sometimes you are better for a certain scene!

When would you recommend using portrait mode?

When the sky is covered with beautiful cotton candy colored clouds, you probably want to take a vertically oriented photo. You can position the sky so that it takes up most of the frame.

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Then you can emphasize the beautiful clouds!

Vertical alignment is also great when using guides. Vertical orientation provides additional space for main lines to work in the frame.

See how vertical alignment emphasizes flow in cascading images like this one:

7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (25)

But when should you use landscape?

If you're working with a clear blue sky, you might want to shoot in landscape mode. A clear blue sky tends to be boring, so you'll probably want to emphasize the vastness of the view (rather than the colors of the sky).

Do you want to take powerful water photos? Then try different alignments!

7. Shoot from different angles to get the most creative shots

Many people take pictures of the water.

But do you want to take pictures that stand out from the rest? Do you want to take creative pictures?

If so, then you should try to shoot him.different angles.

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You're probably used to standing up and holding your iPhone at chest level. This can work well, but it gets boring after a while. And everyone does!

Why not try mixing?

Change your perspective.

7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (27)

Instead of shooting standing up, try crouching extremely low.

This can be great for creating more dramatic images of water - images where your iPhone is just inches from the water! I did this for the photo below.

7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (28)

You should also consider raising your camera above chest height. Hold it over your head with your arms! Or find a vantage point and shoot it down. This can give you a more creative perspective!

7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (29)

This can also work if you have a very attractive foreground theme. For the photo below, I took a downward angle, which accentuated the beautiful plants in the foreground.

7 tips for stunning iPhone water photos (30)

Do you want to take more creative water photos? So shoot from different angles! You will capture many original images.

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