Best halal food on Long Island - shared appetite (2023)

Best halal food on Long Island - shared appetite (1)

What is your favorite food?That's a question I hear a lot and can hardly answer. My Favourite food isdiversity, and I love being able to choose from the myriad of amazing cuisines here on Long Island every night. But my current favorite meal from last year? Halal food. It's cheap (always under $10 for a ton of food, usually closer to $8) and incredibly tasty.

Halal food, as most people here in New York know it, generally consists of a combination of rice, salad, and chicken and/or lamb on a disposable plate or pita, with red and white sauce on top. Halal food is really much more than that.correct and allowed, refers to the entire category of food that Muslims are allowed to eat and drink according to Islamic law, and also gives instructions on how the food should be prepared. However, in terms ofThe best halal food on Long IslandLet's talk about the halal food delivery we met here in New York.

Anyone who has walked the city over the past two decades is all too familiar with the ever-present sight of street vendors selling whatever has been minted.street meatStarted as a street cart and now expanded to multiple traditional restaurants, it's easy for everyoneHalal-Essenlook the same... meat, rice, vegetables, sauce. However, the nuances that each restaurant adds to their plate really help separate the best from the best.not so good.

While each halal restaurant on Long Island has its own unique offerings on its menu, the standard (for me at least) in this culinary world is thatcombination. And no matter which restaurant you walk into, no matter how the menu is structured, you can just saycombinationand they will know what you want.

Lamb + chicken over rice and salad. White sauce and red sauce. Add a pita to the side. FINISHED.

so what is thisThe best halal food on Long Island… Let's go:

Best halal food on Long Island - shared appetite (2)

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of Long Island's Halal offerings. I'm just a one-stomach person, and while I love to eat, I haven't had a chance to try everything. There are definitely a few Long Island halal restaurants I've tried that aren't on this list (sorry they didn't), but if you know of any great places I should try, please comment below or email me at chris@

This was my introduction to halal Long Island food, and while I assumed for a while that my affinity for its flavor must have something to do with nostalgia, the more combos I eat, the more convinced I become of its superiority.

Once, my friend Tyler asked our group of friends whatFood on death rowhe would be. In other words, if you could choose your last meal on earth, what would it be? Noor Food was (and is) my answer.

What makes Noor food my favorite? The blend of spices on the meat, the crispy bits on the outside of the flat plate of lamb and chicken, the white sauce absolutely PERFECT (and I do mean perfect).

Huntington's Noor Food is the original location and is very easy to miss when trying to find it. Located in a small row of shops across from a car dealership, the unassuming storefront is as much a halal mini grocery store as it is a takeout restaurant. The place is always busy and the meat is constantly being cooked so you know the food is always fresh.

If you're visiting the Huntington location, be sure to order the naan. It's FRESH and handmade in a traditional tandoor (and its low price... I think around $1.50 is a steal). The naan at the West Babylon location is definitely a reheated item from frozen, which while disappointing is understandable for a quick service company (and still better than the standard pita most places serve with their combos).

1056 Jericho SchlagbaumHuntington Nueva York 11743

84 Via 109 Farmingdale RoadOeste de Babilonia NY 11704

With nine locations across Long Island and Queens, Hamza & Madina is a major player in this region's halal food game. For good reason, of course. It's delicious. My first experience with Hamza & Madina was late at night on my way home from an event. Not wanting your typical late night fast food, I remembered hearing about this halal food truck that was setting up in the parking lot of a.we sell goldProperty. I was surprised that even at midnight on a Tuesday night, the most random places had quite a long line of people waiting for their hamza and madina fixes. And as I've learned on repeat visits, the queue wasn't an accident, it was the norm.

My second experience with Hamza and Madina was when I suddenly had cravings for halal food at Commack. As we stood in line for my wife's self-serve Starbucks (I've never had coffee...yeah, been weird), I frantically googled to see if there were any halal places nearby. Sure enough, there was one down the street at a... wait, that can't be right... at a gas station. BUT YES, I'M RIGHT. Hamza & Madina Commack… at a gas station (absolutely amazing).

I am delighted that Hamza & Madina's newest store in Ronkonkoma is only a few minutes from my home. It's my current choice for weekday because of its proximity and consistent high quality.

What I love about the Ronkonkoma location is that there are other options to add to your bowl besides the typical lettuce you get on a regular plate. I love adding the diced cucumber and tomato salad which gives it a nice fresh flavor with a lot of crunch which helps balance the richness of the meat and white sauce. The chicken at Hamza & Madina is made ahead of time and kept warm in a giant bowl at the quick-service counter (just like Chipotle), and the freshly prepared lamb is cooked to order on the flat stove. If you order a pita (yes of course you should order a pita) it will be heated up on the griddle for you as well.

One of Hamza & Madina's signature moves is to pour as much white sauce on your plate as you like. Super generous of you and something I always appreciate.

various locations

Full transparency. I only had Naz once. Full transparency. Wasvery goodand I can't wait to go back. Definitely one of the top three Halal experiences (along with Noor Food nad Hamza & Madina, above) I've enjoyed.

Yeah, I know I have to go back and try again. And even with 5 locations, they just aren't in the places I usually go or drive to.

I love Naz's halal story. Founded by two cousins ​​who are also public school teachers (hey, me too... woot woot!), they opened a food truck asside business. This side business became a food truck PLUS four restaurants.

various locations

Best halal food on Long Island - shared appetite (3)

If you know halal food, you know the legendary The Halal Guys. All you had to say at the time washey come on 53º + 6º(for the Halal cart at 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in NYC). Everyone knew what you meant, as witnessed by the long line around the block waiting for your fix of The Halal Guys.

Since 1990, when three founding partners opened a hot dog truck, they have seen a high demand from Muslim taxi drivers looking for halal foods. The famous chicken dish was born 25 years ago, now they have 5 carts, 2 restaurants in New York and are now franchised nationwide with 2 here on Long Island.

Halal Guys is definitely good and worth a stop if you're in the area. The customer service I experienced at Farmingdale (I've never been to East Meadow) was fantastic, with a staff member coming to each table asking if they would like extra white sauce.¡Mmm, Sim!

However, and I speak 100% of the experience I've had several times at Farmingdale, instead of the original cart in New York... while it's a satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable meal, the flavor is definitely milder and less heady than the three that I mentioned above.

Hempstead Turnpike 2565Ostwiese, New York 11554

Broad Hollow Road, 911Farmingdale, Nueva York 11735

Best halal food on Long Island - shared appetite (4)

I've only had Halal on Wheels twice and to be honest I can't remember much other than an enjoyable meal. Is it a place I'm looking for on purpose? No, probably not. However, when I'm in the area and ready to eat, it definitely has my vote.

1295 Middle Country Rd, Selden, Nueva York 11784

The company with the largest Halal food presence on Long Island with 10 locations is Shah's Halal. Starting with a food truck in Queens in 2005, they expanded to LI in 2016. It's definitely delicious and always hits the spot...but the best way to describe Shah's...imagine you have a friend who has never tried the Halal food and not the most adventurous eater. They want you to have a very safe first experience where the flavors are very mild, almost a fail for those with picky taste buds and understanding of other halal joints. You walk in and he introduces himself to you.Chipotle-comoCounter-style service, with many side options to complete your plate.

various locations

Best halal food on Long Island - shared appetite (5)

Okay, Long Island foodies. To warn. What points am I missing? What other points need to be mentioned here on the best halal food on Long Island? To warn!

Best halal food on Long Island - shared appetite (6)

The best halal food on Long Island

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