The 12 Best Workload Vans [With Comparison Chart - 2020 Edition] (2023)

If you're looking for the best van for your business, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll go into detail on the following topics to help you find the right work cart for your small to medium-sized business.

The benefits of workload vans

A workload transporter offers many advantages over other vehicles, including:

  • Reliability:Many of the major van manufacturers: Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, etc. - are known for their reliability and safety features.
  • Carry:Designed with storage in mind, workload vans range from 100 to 500 cubic feet of space.
  • Temperature control:If you are a florist or caterer, a van can be converted into a refrigerator to store your produce.
  • Maneuverability:Some brands of vans are much easier to maneuver through city streets than heavy trucks. Also, they tend to be more comfortable.
  • Marke:Vans can be custom branded to promote your business while travelling.
  • Tax benefits:If§ 179 tax deductionTypically, the IRS allows businesses to deduct up to 100% of the first year's rent payments.

To help you find the best truck for your business, our experts have compiled a list of the top 12 trucks and key features to consider in your search.

The 12 best transporters

Top 5 Pickup Trucks (City)

  1. Ford Transit connection
  2. RAM Pro Master City
  3. nissan nv 200
  4. Mercedes Benz gauges
  5. dodge the caravan

The 7 best large vans

  1. Ford Transit-Van
  2. Delivery truck Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo
  3. Freightliner velocista
  4. furgoneta chevrolet express
  5. From GMC Savana
  6. Van Ram ProMaster
  7. Nissan NV2500 Transporter

Interested in electric vehicles? Check out our list of the best electric transporters!

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Ford Transit-Van

The Ford Transit is one of the best selling pickup trucks in the United States. This truck is equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission and has plenty of space for shelves, bins, storage, equipment, tools and everything else you need.

When you choose a Ford Transit, you can choose from a number of vehicle configuration options, including:

  • 3 ceiling heights (low, medium, high)
  • 3 body lengths
  • 2 wheelbases
  • 3 The engine
  • All-wheel drive option

Ford safety features include:

  • 3-point seat belts for all seats
  • AdvanceTrac® mit Roll Stability Control™
  • Front driver and passenger airbags, side airbags in the front seats and Safety Canopy® side airbags
  • SOS Post-Crash Alert System™
  • tire pressure control system

Delivery truck Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo

If you are looking for a van that can handle heavy loads, look no further than the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This van is available with standard or high roof options, a 4×4 option, as well as multiple rear step options.

The Sprinter also offers an impressive cargo capacity with 319 cubic feet of available space.

Notable safety features include:

  • active brake support
  • Additional mirror for the blind spot
  • 360°-Camera
  • powerful LED headlights
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • traffic sign assistant

Freightliner velocista

A full-size van with impressive cargo capacity, the Freightliner Sprinter offers two wheelbases (144" or 170"), two roof sizes (standard or high), a 4x4 option, and an extended length.

The Sprinter, which is available with a diesel or petrol engine, has been optimized for lower internal engine friction and a more efficient belt drive. Not only does this help keep costs down, but it can also maximize the productivity of your fleet.

The latest Sprinter model includes these new safety features:

  • active brake support
  • Distronic® Active Distance Assist
  • 360°-Camera
  • caregiver
  • traffic sign assistant

furgoneta chevrolet express

A classic city pickup, the Chevrolet Express has been around for so long that you'll probably have a hard time finding a technician unfamiliar with its mechanics.

With this van you have the choice between two wheelbases and four engines. Although there is only one low-roof size, this makes it easier to access top-loading gear.

With a 31-gallon fuel tank, the Express Cargo Van shares the highest fuel capacity on our list, along with the GMC Savana.

Available security features include:

  • Spurverlassungwarnung
  • Side blind spot warning
  • Parking attendant in the back
  • backup camera
  • Forward Collision Warning

From GMC Savana

GMC's Savana Cargo Van offers competitive hauling and towing capabilities with extended wheelbases available. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, and alternative powertrain options are available.

In terms of utility, the cargo area measures 239.7 cubic feet for the short-wheelbase option. That's just a few cubic feet below the class average, but the long-wheelbase option expands the space to 284.4 cubic feet.

The Savana shares the largest tank capacity on our list with the Chevy Express at 31 gallons.

Savana security features include:

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Spurverlassungwarnung
  • Side blind spot warning
  • Front and side airbags
  • Parking attendant in the back
  • backup camera

Van Ram ProMaster

The ProMaster has the lowest bed height, standard and high roof options and the widest load width of any truck in its class. It is also available in three body lengths: standard 136", 159" and 159" extended.

RAM security features include:

  • Brake Assist
  • electronic stability control
  • side impact beam
  • Belt tensioners in front

Carga Nissan NV2500

The Nissan NV2500 is one of the largest commercial vehicles of its kind. This model features a ladder frame, a powerful V8 engine, a seven-speed automatic transmission and a truck design for maximum cargo capacity. In the high-roof version, you can even stand up comfortably.

NV2500 security features include:

  • bodybuilding area
  • vehicle dynamics control
  • traction control system
  • electronic brake assistant
  • Antiblockiersystem

Ab Ford Transit Connect laden

Ideal for small businesses, the Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van feels more like a car than a van. In fact, it fits in most residential garages, even with two wheelbase options.

Transit Connect highlights include an eight-speed automatic transmission, fuel efficiency and Auto Start/Stop technology. Florists, restaurateurs, construction companies and the like can enjoy value and convenience with this model.

Ford safety resources include:

  • Lane stopping assistant
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Assistance before a collision
  • Rear parking sensors
  • backup camera
  • traction control

Mercedes-Benz Metris van

With a high payload and a compact design, the Metris is the smaller alternative to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This van is designed for urban environments and is easy to maneuver through city streets.

With a seven-speed automatic transmission and the ECO start-stop function, the Metris helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by switching off the engine when stationary.

Metris security features include:

  • six airbags
  • collision avoidance assistance
  • Lane stopping assistant
  • Blind Spot Assist

Nissan NV200

The NV200 has a low floor for easy loading and its compact structure makes it easy to maneuver through city streets. Being a small and economical model, there are some limitations in terms of usage and cargo space. However, this Nissan could be perfect for small businesses that need to transport equipment and don't want all the bells and whistles.

NV200 security features include:

  • Rear sonar sensors
  • tire pressure control system
  • Front seat belts with belt tensioners and belt force limiters

Van Ram ProMaster City

Another vehicle that drives more like a car, the city version of the ProMaster from RAM has a nine-speed automatic transmission and the best load capacity in its class.

The interior of the cargo area is designed to be configured the way your job demands. Two sliding doors can be opened up to 26 inches and offer a flat loading surface.

As with the ProMaster Cargo Van, RAM safety features include:

  • All-wheel anti-lock braking system
  • Brake Assist
  • electronic stability control
  • side impact beam
  • Belt tensioners in front

Dodge Grand Caravan

One of the more affordable options on our list, the Dodge Grand Caravan features classic styling, a V6 powertrain option, and a six-speed transmission. When you're looking for a lot, this minivan model stays balanced while cruising the city streets and offers plenty of cargo space with all the seats folded.

Dodge safety features include:

  • backup camera
  • Traction control at all speeds
  • electronic stability control
  • Steel safety construction

How to choose the best van for your business

No two transporters and no two use cases are the same. An independent contractor may need a completely different work truck than an HVAC contractor. Because of the nuance, it's important to start your search for the perfect executive truck with an idea of ​​what you need:

  • hold
  • Total Vehicle Weight (GVWR)
  • battery capacity
  • ceiling height
  • length between axis
  • transmission
  • fuel type
  • security features

There are also some important questions to ask to narrow down your options:

  1. Where is the work truck going?
    The terrain and climate of North Dakota differs significantly from that of Florida.
  2. Do you need a van or a people carrier?
    What you actually wear will limit your options.
  3. What is the average payload weight your vehicle will carry on a typical day?
    It's best to overestimate payload capacity to ensure you stay under that.
  4. How high should the ceiling be?
    Do you use the roof for storage or do you have to stand in the van? Some things to consider are garages and awnings, which can affect the overall height of the vehicle.
  5. Do you have any mandatory security features in mind?
    Many modern city cars and vans come with many features that you might see in a luxury car.

Companies and professionals who rely on vans

Vans are an ideal choice for many businesses and professionals including:

  • plumber
  • Electrician
  • HVAC professionals
  • contractor
  • handyman
  • Delivery
  • florist
  • delivery service
  • dog groomers
  • painter

Our ranking of the best work trolleys by characteristics

better fuel economy

  • Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect: 24/29 miles per gallon (city/highway)

better cargo space

  • ProMaster RAM: 462.9 cubic feet of cargo space

Better payload capacity

  • Ford Transit: 4,640 pounds. max. useful charge

best ceiling height

  • Ford Transit: 82.2" and 110.4"

Best Guarantee

  • Nissan NV250 and Nissan NV200: 5 year/100,000 mile warranty

Merchants Fleet can help you find the perfect work truck for your business. OurFleet adviserWe're happy to provide expert guidance and recommendations, and our truck engineering team are happy to discuss replacement equipment options and upgrades to ensure you have the right tools for the job.Contact us todaybegin.

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