The 9 most beautiful regions of Romania (2023)

Located in Southeastern EuropeRomaniaIt is the largest country in the region and consists mostly of mountains, hills and open plains through which the Danube flows towards the beautiful Black Sea coast.

The 9 most beautiful regions of Romania (1)

The stunning Carpathians dominate the heart of the territory, but there are actually 14 mountain ranges to discover! Romania also has some of the largest and best preserved forests in Europe; these cover about a quarter of the country.

In Romania, nature really surrounds you; Almost half of its territory consists of natural ecosystems, which becomes clear when traveling through the picturesque landscape.


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Transylvania forms the center of Romania and is the country's largest and most famous region as it is home to a diverse mix of landscapes, people and cultures. Hidden among mountains, hills and forests, there are over a hundred castles, fortresses and fortified churches to visit. Bran Castle, or "Dracula's Castle", is the most impressive of all.

Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania has a unique Hungarian, German and Romanian heritage. The cities of Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara as well as Cluj-Napoca, the "heart of Transylvania" are worth visiting. filled with historical sites, cultural sites and charming old towns.

The region's natural beauty is also impressive, with the mighty Transylvanian Alps and the forested slopes of the Apuseni Mountains offering fantastic hikes. Retezat National Park is an outdoor enthusiast's dream destination, home to over a hundred glacial lakes, each more beautiful than the last.

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As the westernmost region of the country, the Banat has a wide variety of habitats. It is made up of beautiful hills, forests and mountains in the south that contrast sharply with the vast plains of the north.

In the lowlands, Romania's third largest city, Timisoara, is worth adding to your itinerary, as is the charming old spa town of Buzias and the beautiful vineyards and wineries surrounding Recas. Nestled between the mountains in the highlands you will find several interesting old mining towns such as Anina and Sasca Montana; both now act as portals to nearby natural rewards.

The Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, for example, is very impressive to visit. Caves, waterfalls and gorges characterize the park. The Iron Gates Nature Park is a top destination in the Banat with breathtaking scenery in the form of impressive gorges and the Danube Canyon.


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Oltenia is a land of contrasts. While interesting monuments, monasteries and mountains adorn the northern parts of the region, the south is very desolate and deserted and has an almost desert-like appearance.

However, beautiful nature abounds; One of the most spectacular sights is the Puente de Dios, the second largest natural bridge in all of Europe. The picturesque Lake Bistret also attracts many visitors, as does the calm waters of the Olt River. The Fagaras and Parang ranges offer fantastic skiing during the winter months, not to mention the most scenic views of snow-capped peaks to enjoy over a hot chocolate.

Oltenia also has some fascinating historical sites for visitors, with the magnificent monasteries of Tismana, Horezu and Strehaia being the best.

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Sul da Bukovina

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Tucked away in the north-east, South Bukovina is very picturesque, pleasant and peaceful as there really aren't any major cities to speak of as most of the region consists of rolling hills and endless farmland.

It is so called because the historical region of Bukovina was split in two due to annexation by the Soviet Union in 1940, with Romania occupying the southern part and present-day Ukraine in the north.

Ruled by everyone from the Moldovans to the Habsburgs, the region is home to some of the country's most spectacular sights, in the form of its incredibly painted monasteries set amid scenic countryside, farmland and forests.

The most famous and impressive are those of Humor and Voronet, although Sucevita and Putna are also worth a visit with their brightly painted facades, peaceful gardens and ancient churches.


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Maramures borders Ukraine in the north of the country and is full of incredible mountain landscapes that will take your breath away. The region really feels like time has stood still; Old villages and crumbling wooden churches are scattered over the many slopes and valleys.

Traveling here is like stepping back in time. In addition to its stunning natural landscapes, Maramures is also home to a fascinating cultural heritage as Romanian, Hungarian and Ukrainian are spoken here. As such, it has a very multicultural vibe, which is surprising and welcoming given its remote location.

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To get a real feel for the region, be sure to visit the small towns of Breb and Ieud nestled between the mountains. Both are home to beautiful wooden churches and many charming old buildings. For an unforgettable experience, a train ride on the Vasertalwaldbahn is a must. The gleaming antique steam train takes you through stunning scenery as you sit back and relax in style.


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Often overlooked by visitors to Romania, Crisana in the west of the country is actually home to many different tourist attractions. Its cities and towns have a very Central European flair as the region was once ruled by the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Oradea acts as the administrative and economic center of the region and is a fascinating place to visit. It has beautiful baroque architecture, wonderful cultural monuments and is a bilingual city due to Crisana's proximity to Hungary.

The geography of the region is also very varied; Numerous rivers flow through Crisana and it is bounded by the Apuseni Mountains to the east and the Mures River to the south. Beautiful remote wilderness areas can be found here and there, and numerous caves and gorges dot the area. For those who want to spend some time exploring the great outdoors, the majestic Pietrele Galbenei nature reserve offers fantastic hiking trails.

Northern Dobrogea

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Located on the Black Sea, northern Dobrogea is home to Romania's only coastline, and its beautiful beaches, sunny climate and seaside resorts make it a popular travel destination, especially in summer. It is part of the historical region of Dobrogea, which was divided in two between Romania and RomaniaBulgariaafter the Treaty of Craiova in World War II, the latter occupying the southern part.

The southern part of the region is home to fantastic coastal cities like Constanta and Costinesti, both of which are filled with fascinating historical sites, museums and restaurants, as well as many beautiful beaches. In addition, one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Dobruja is the resort of Mamaia, which boasts some of the purest white sandy beaches in Europe.

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In contrast to the south, the northern kingdoms offer a quieter and more relaxing experience, as this is where the Danube Delta and river of the same name flow into the Black Sea. As such, there is plenty of beautiful nature to see and it really is a bird watcher's dream as flocks of migratory birds nest in the delta, as does the nearby Macin Mountains National Park which is just as beautiful to look at.


The 9 most beautiful regions of Romania (9)

Moldova is located in north-eastern Romania and borders Moldova and Ukraine. It is a fascinating region to explore, with a great variety of landscapes, people and cultures.

There are many hills, vineyards and forests in the region. Among them are some incredible canyons and gorges, the most impressive of which are Bicaz, Bicajel and Sugau. Castles, lakes and monasteries are also scattered here and there.

Its cities are equally interesting to visit for their multicultural character and it is worth including Bicaz and Bacau in your itinerary. Iasi, the capital of the region, acts as the trading center of Moldova. The bustling university town boasts a wealth of sophisticated architecture best demonstrated by its magnificent Palace of Culture.


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Muntenia, also called Wallachia after the Wallachian princes and princesses who ruled the region, is located in the south of the country. Here you will find the busy nationCapital of Bucharest.

Bucharest boasts huge monuments such as the colossal Palace of the People (the second largest building in the world), and its beautiful historical center and countless museums and old churches are well worth a visit. However, the region has much more to offer than the city affectionately known as "Little Paris".

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Northern Muntenia, for example, is full of vast mountain ranges and valleys to explore. Visit the beautiful Peleș Castle near Sinaia or take a scenic drive along the Transfagarasan, which meanders through the Carpathian Mountains.

Not only can you get to know Bucharest, but you can also explore some of the larger cities in the region. Buzau and Pitesti have a lot to offer visitors and each have a unique atmosphere.


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