UK Shoe Size According to Indian Shoe Size Charts (2023) » UK vs. India (2023)

Each pair of shoes is a different size and shape. Therefore, most countries have their own shoe size chart and one of the most popular shoe size charts is thisUK to India shoe size.

You may end up buying the wrong shoe size when shopping online, but if you know how to measure your shoe size, the right shoe size charts and conversion charts, it becomes very easy to find the right shoe whether you're shopping online or offline. .

In this article we will show you how to measure your foot size at home to get a perfect pair of shoes so you never buy ill-fitting shoes and how to convert shoe size from UK to India for men, women and children.

Please read this guide to the end if you want to know the shoe size chart from UK to India and some important facts about it.

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How to measure your shoe size at home for a perfect fit in your shoes

UK Shoe Size According to Indian Shoe Size Charts (2023) » UK vs. India (1)
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You can easily measure your foot size to get a perfect fit in your shoes. If you want to make sure your shoes fit properly, follow these steps:

  1. You will need a scale or ruler, 2 blank sheets of paper (preferably white), a pen or pencil, and a chair to sit on.
  2. Place your right foot in the middle of the paper, then take a pen or pencil and mark and outline the end of the toe and heel. You will need to repeat this process for the other feet as the two feet are different sizes.
  3. Now measure the end points from end to end and record the results in inches and centimeters. Now you can compare your results with the shoe size charts in this article.

Plus, it's surprising to know you can always have someDifferences in both foot sizesSo always remember to size up for the best fit and comfort.

UK shoe size to Indian men's size

UK shoe sizes are exactly the same as in India. There is no difference between British and Indian shoe sizes, they are the same. For example, 8 shoe sizes in the UK would equal 8 shoe sizes in India.

Whether you're shopping on Amazon or Flipkart, if the shoe doesn't have an Indian size chart, you can refer to the UK shoe size chart and still get the correct one. Let's look at the graphic below.

UK shoe sizeIndian shoe sizeamerican shoe sizeEU shoe sizeFoot length (in inches)Foot length in cm)
333.5358.6722,0 cm
3.53.5435,58.8422,4 cm
5.55.56389.524,1 cm
6.56.5739,59.8425.0 cm
777.5401025,4 cm
7.57.5840,510.1725,8 cm
999.542,510.6727,1 cm
10.510.51144,511.1728,4 cm
111111.545,511.3428,8 cm
12.512.5134711.8430,1 cm
14.514.51549,512.531,8 cm

UK shoe size 9 would be a 9 on the Indian size chart and a 10 on the US men's shoe size chart (you can see this in the chart above). Don't get confused between countries here as shoe sizes are different in UK and US, but in India they are the same.

UK Shoe Size According to Indian Shoe Size Charts (2023) » UK vs. India (2)

UK shoe size to Indian shoe size for women

You can see on the chart how sizes are increasing for women compared to UK, USA and India. For example, a UK shoe size 7 would be exactly 7 on the Indian shoe size chart, but would become 9 when converted to the US shoe size chart.

UK shoe sizeIndian shoe sizeamerican shoe sizeEU shoe sizeFoot length (in inches)Foot length in cm),58.521,6cm
335358.6722,0 cm,58.8422,4 cm
55737,59.3423,7cm,1 cm
668399.6724,6cm,59.8425.0 cm
779401025,4 cm,510.1725,8 cm
991142,510.6727,1 cm
10.510.512.544,511.1728,4 cm
11111345,511.3428,8 cm
12.512.514.54711.8430,1 cm
14.514.516.549,512.531,8 cm
UK Shoe Size According to Indian Shoe Size Charts (2023) » UK vs. India (3)
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What is the UK size equivalent to Indian shoe size 6?

British shoe sizes are actually the same as Indian shoe sizes as India follows the British sizing standard therefore their shoe sizes are identical. So an Indian shoe size 6 corresponds to a British shoe size 6 for both men and women.

Note: Share a small shoe size chart here

However, when you compare UK shoe size to US shoe size, the results are different for men and women.

You can see from the table that a British women's shoe size 7 corresponds to a US size 9 and that a British men's shoe size 7 corresponds to a US size 7.5.

What is the Indian shoe size equivalent to a UK size 8?

A size 8 Indian shoe has the same measurements as a UK size 8 for both men and women. The shoe sizes of these two nations are the same.

So if someone asks you, "Are the UK and India the same size?" You can answer by explaining why.

Sometimesshoe sizesThey differ by country, brand, type and shape. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult the shoe conversion charts provided by the manufacturer, seller or brand.

FAQ: UK shoe size to Indian shoe size

Q1 Are shoe sizes the same in the UK and India?

Yes, British and Indian shoe sizes are exactly the same, not insignificantly different. This means you can choose one of the sizes provided by the seller (UK or India). For example, UK shoe size 6 after conversion would be exactly 6 on Indian shoe size chart.

Q2. Are UK and US shoe sizes the same?

No, UK and US shoe sizes are not the same. But UK men's shoe sizes are similar to US shoe sizes. In men, the size difference is only 0.5 sizes, and in women, it is about 2 sizes. For example, a UK men's shoe size 7 corresponds to a US shoe size 7.5 and a UK women's shoe size 6 corresponds to a US women's shoe size 8. USA

Q3 How can I find out my shoe size in the UK?

British shoe sizes are similar to Indian shoe sizes but differ from US shoe sizes: there is only about a half size (0.5) difference for men and about 2 sizes for women. Knowing your correct shoe size is therefore important for a nice and comfortable fit, so be sure to check the India to UK shoe size chart (see above).

Q4 What country shoe size is used in India?

In India, shoe sizes are based on UK measurements, India does not have its own size standard. Because of this, there is no difference between British and Indian shoe sizes.

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Q5. What is a UK size 7 in India?

First of all, the size of the shoe depends on gender. UK size 7 would be exactly India 7 for men and women as UK and Indian shoe sizes have no difference.

F6. What is the equivalent Indian shoe size for a UK size 7?

UK size 7 becomes Indian size 7 for both men and women. A UK size 7 would be an EU 40 with a foot length of 10 inches, which is 25.4 cm. Do you want to know how they are calculated? Please see the conversion tables above.


Conclusion on UK shoe size chart versus India

Whether you are shopping for shoes online or offline, it is very important to know your correct shoe size so that you can fit well and feel comfortable. Therefore, it is best to measure your foot size first and then compare the results to the UK to India shoe size chart (see above).

If you have any questions about UK to India shoe size chart and shoe size conversion, feel free to ask them in the comments section. I will be happy to answer your questions. Be sure to read the shoe size guidesShoe size guru.

Because it depends on the right shoe size!

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Is India and UK shoe size same? ›

Indian and UK shoe sizes are the same so if you fit an Indian size 9 and you love a pair of UK size 9, then go ahead, and make your purchase. You will get the right fit.

What is UK shoe size in India? ›

UK/IndiaLength (in cm)Brand Size
14 more rows

Does India follow UK size chart? ›

As far as shoe sizes are concerned, India and UK follow the same standards. US and Europe shoe sizes are different. For example, a UK size 5 or India size 5 shoe (9.5 inches) is equivalent to US size 5.5 and Europe size 37.5.

How does UK size compare to Indian size? ›

India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, while United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, making United Kingdom 7.41% the size of India.

How can I know my foot size in India? ›

Mark the tip of the big toe and the outermost part of the heel, and measure the distance between with a ruler or tape measure to find the length measurement of your feet.

Does India follow UK or US size? ›

UK and India are bundled into just one category because they typically have the same shoe sizes. So if ever you find a site that does not have conversion sizes for India, chances are, it has conversion sizes for UK and you can utilise that instead.

What is size difference between US and India? ›

India is about one-third the size of the US, yet it is the second most populous country in the world. The gap of the population between the two countries is 746 million.

What is the 7 UK size in India? ›

Euro children's shoe sizes are measured in centimetres; 1cm=1 size.
Clothing and Shoe Conversion.
Women's Shoes
6.5-7 (USA/American)4.5 (India/UK/British)37 (Euro)
2 more rows

What is 4 UK size in India shoes? ›

Girl's Shoe Sizes
13 more rows


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